Experience Your Dream Kitchen

You’ve been imagining a renovated kitchen but it just seems so overwhelming.

You wish you and your family could have a stunning kitchen that is both functional and serves as the heart of the home.

But, there are so many decisions to make and things to research; the thought alone just makes you not sure where to start.

We take care of everything from start to finish so you don’t have to deal with overwhelm.

What sets us apart is what we call the #VMJ EFFECT:

  • highly detailed estimates so there are no budget surprises
  • 3D design to fully visualize your dream kitchen
  • guidance from our team throughout the entire renovation process
  • clear communication process where we provide renovation options to best fit your budget, design preferences, and lifestyle
  • a reputation of going above and beyond expectations, being extremely trustworthy & never walking out on a project
  • transforming old & ugly spaces into gorgeous & functional places
  • most of the work is done by in-house team & only necessary subcontracting
  • we are on site throughout the process

Exceptional Farm House Style Kitchen Renovation


Newtown, Connecticut (Fairfield County)

Our Specialty Services





Custom Carpentry


What I think was so exciting for me is to work with a contractor that can take those ideas and put them into action, by using reclaimed barn wood from an old barn in Newtown (Connecticut) or beams from an old Danbury (Connecticut) tobacco factory and use them and incorporate those farmhouse materials into our kitchen and living room…their commitment to the job and the timeline I think is one of their most successful attributes…he walked through what he envisioned would work well in our home and when you put all of that together you have a great partnership, they were efficient, hardworking, honest; their a pleasure to work with, they show up on time and work a full day—their probably one of the hardest working group of individuals I’ve ever worked with.

– Judy Cascione, Newtown Connecticut (Fairfield County)